Lifelong learning and Higher Education: New (and Old) Perspectives: Proceedings from the 2022 Lund University Conference on Teaching and Learning


Sara Santesson (ed)
Sara Andersson (ed)


This is the proceedings volume from the 8th biannual teaching and learning conference at Lund University, LUTL-22. The conference theme, Lifelong Learning and Higher Education: New (and Old) Perspectives, gave rise to a rich spread of presentations and discussions. The volume in your hand holds 13 contributions based on keynote addresses, papers, panels, and roundtable discussions from the conference. 

The pedagogical objectives, practices, and challenges of supporting lifelong learning have become pronounced elements in the fabric of higher education in recent years. What does this entail for the teaching staff: for our missions, our methods, and our own professional learning? These issues, and more besides, are approached between these covers.


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March 27, 2024

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