Expropriation in Private lnternational Law


Michael Bogdan


This book examines court decisions about seizures of property by foreign states. It is divided into three main parts.

The first part is devoted to preliminary problems. The examination of the requirements imposed on the courts by international law is followed by a discussion of the special status of foreign expropriatory and similar laws in private international law.

The second part concerns the foreign state's right to the property affected by the seizure. An examination of recognizing the expropriator's title to property which has already been effectively seized is followed by a study of the enforcement of foreign expropriatory laws. This part also discusses foreign seizures marked by special defects, in particular seizures violating the law of nations.

The focus of the book is on its third part, which handles the problems connected with distributing the losses caused by foreign seizures. Many lawsuits have considered which of the parties is to bear the consequences of the foreign action but this problem has been discussed in legal literature much less than the validity and enforcement of a seizure. Therefore, this part is more detailed than the previous ones.

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May 26, 2023

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