CSS Conference 2019: Scandinavian Languages and Literatures World Wide


Robert Ekdahl (ed)


The texts in this book are based on a selection of the paper presentations and Keynote lectures held during the Centre for Scandinavian Studies Copenhagen – Lund’s (CSS) second biannual international conference in the field of Scandinavian Studies. 

The conference took place in Lund, at the joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology of Lund University between May 16-18, 2019. 

This year’s theme was “Scandinavian Languages and Literatures Worldwide – Prospects and Challenges” and the central topics being researched and discussed were:

  • Scandinavian Literature in the World
  • Translations of Scandinavian Literature
  • Scandinavian Children’s Literature in the World
  • Linguistic and literary constructions of the North
  • The Framing of Scandinavian Studies Worldwide
  • Nordic Languages in the World / World Languages in the Nordic Countries

The conference had three Keynote lectures:

  1. Språk och psykologiskt lokalsinne, by Sigrid Combüchen (Author and former Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University) [see below]
  2. Region. Verden. Arkipelag – Nordisk litteratur og Tomas Tranströmers “Östersjöar”, by Dan Ringgaard (Professor at the School of Communication and Culture - Scandinavian Studies, Aarhus University) [see below]
  3. Beyond Noma, Björk and Bergman – How the Nordic Countries could increase their Soft Power, by Francisco Beltran (Senior Lecturer at the Department of Political Science, University of Toronto) 

Following long established international praxis in the field of Scandinavian Studies the texts are written in any of the Nordic languages or in English.



July 3, 2020

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